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The residents of FEZ "Panj"

The residents of FEZ "Panj" are the individual entrepreneurs and organizations, regardless of their organizational and legal form and the location of their branches and offices.  Residents are:

1) Owners of a certificate for the implementation of any activity on the territory of FEZ "Panj"
2) Registered FEZ residents


The residents of FEZ "Panj” implement their activities in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan "On free economic zones in the Republic of Tajikistan" Regulations on free economic zones in the Republic of Tajikistan, the Regulations of the FEZ "Panj" and other normative legal acts of the Republic of Tajikistan, regulating the activity of the FEZs.

The state registration of individual businessman, legal entity, branch or representative office of a legal entity in the territory of FEZ "Panj" in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Tajikistan on the basis of a document issued by the Administration of FEZ on their legal address and location on the territory of FEZ in the positive evaluation of the results of examination of business plans or presented investment projects.



Submitted Business Plan describes the plan to build the plant for the manufacture of electrical enclosures.

The project is intended to engage in sales in the region.
  1. Tajikistan 30% of manufactured products
  2. Afghanistan, 30% of the manufactured products
  3. Asian countries Tsenralnoy 20% of the manufactured products.
  4. Asia - 20% of manufactured products.

The total need for funding: 4,146,651 U.S. dollars.
The project will employ 51 people.
Land coverage - 2 ha.
The planned schedule of the project 2012.


Submitted Business Plan describes the plan to build an international terminal, equipped with necessary technical facilities, equipment, training of personnel.

The aim of the project is to construct international terminal for transportation of passengers by bus cargo vans and build logistics center for relevant types of services.  It will create favourable conditions for the development of international tourism, business and economic cooperation in Central Asia and Southeast Asia.

The Company performs the following activities:
- The creation and organization of the border and intermediate terminals to serve foreign and domestic international road transport of goods and passengers.
- Organization of cargo and passengers within the Republic.
- Implementation of a customs broker, customs clearance services and organization of the customs warehouse management for temporary storage and customs clearing procedures.
- Liability insurance, real estate and personal property, medical insurance and other types of insurance.
Currently, districts and towns of the Republic use services of the established branches of LLC "ANBAT-Service” insurance company.    
The founder of the company is the JSC "Faroz 'Association« AIATT »(ANBAT)

Type of activity:
Improvement of the international transport of passengers and cargo, and transit routes of Central Asia and Southeast Asia.
Total Project value: - 5,626,048 USD.
Land coverage- 3,5 hectares.



Submitted Business Plan describes the plan to construct a facility for storing, packing, packaging, agricultural and industrial products, as well as logistics and other services.

The total need for funding: 535,000 USD.
Land coverage – 3 ha.
The planned project timeframe is 2011-2013


Construction, manufacturing and trading company "Pioneer" U.S.

Area - 22,500 sq / m.

The volume of investment 2.7 million USD.
The number of jobs is 90.
Ingredients Sandwich panel.


Join the subjects

The owners of a certificate for doing business are subject to registration as a FEZ resident.

Procedure for registration as a FEZ resident:

- Applying the holders of certificates of registration as a subject;

- Entering into the registration book of information contained in the certificate;

- Issuing a registration number.

 Register FEZ resident is by issuing a document (certificate) of incorporation.

Liquidation of FEZ

Legal entity established in the territory of FEZ "Panj" can be eliminated as per the following procedures:

- On the grounds specified in the Civil Code of the Republic of Tajikistan;

- In case of a registered absence of the documented facts of investing in an amount not less than 50 percent of the amount specified in the registration documents withing12 months from the date of state registration, FEZ may determine that the investment failed to occur and therefore will decide liquidate the legal entity as a resident of the FEZ as specified by the legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan .

The order of liquidation of FEZ  is implemented in accordance with the Civil Code of the Republic of Tajikistan.

The rights of the residents

The state guarantees the rights and legitimate interests of all individuals and legal entities operating on the territory of FEZ "Panj."

In accordance with the laws of the Republic of Tajikistan and international law, subjects are guaranteed:

- Legal protection of foreign investments;

- Copyright protection of domestic and foreign legal and physical persons-residents of FEZ;

- The legal status of foreign investments treatment no less favorable than the legal regime for investments made by legal entities and citizens of the Republic of Tajikistan;

- Prohibition of any discrimination of foreign investments.

Foreign investors engaged in financial and material contributions in the area of economic and other activities of FEZ shall be entitled to benefit from their investment, including reinvestment and trading operations in the Republic of Tajikistan. Foreign investors can profit or export it as part of their own production or bought in the market, beyond its limits.

Foreign investors operating in the zone are allowed to transfer abroad foreign currency amounts received by them in the form of profits, as well as in connection with the sale of their entire equity stake in companies with foreign investments, withdrawal from or liquidation of the organization.

Foreign investors have the right to transfer, mortgage, exports, and the termination of their investments in any free economic zone.


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